बहारों फूल बरसाओ मेरा मेहबूब आया है..suraj 1966_mohammed Rafi..happy Birthday Video

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Song : Baharon phool barsao mera mehboob aaya hai..
Film : Suraj ,1966,
Singer: Mohammed Rafi,
Lyricist: Hasrat Jaipuri, Shailendra
Music Director: Shankar Jaikishan,
Director:T Prakash Rao,
Cast: Rajendra Kumar,Vyjayantimala,Mumtaz,Ajit,Johny Walker,Lalita Pawar,Mukri,Jagirdar,David,Agha,Malika,Niranajan Sharma,Keshav,
Producer: S. Krishnamoorthy,
Production Co: Venus Pictures,
Lyrics :-
bahaaro phul barasaao
meraa mahabub aayaa hai - (2)
havaao raagini gaao
meraa mahabub aayaa hai - (2)

o laali phul ki mehandi lagaa in gore haatho me
utar aa ai ghataa kaajal, lagaa in pyaari aankho me
sitaaro maang bhar jaao
meraa mahabub aayaa hai - (2)

nazaaro har taraf ab taan do ik nur ki chaadar
badaa sharmilaa dilabar hai, chalaa jaaye na sharamaa kar
zaraa tum dil ko bahalaao
meraa mahabub aayaa hai - (2)

sajaai hai javaan kaliyo ne ab ye sej ulfat ki
inhe maalum thaa aaegi ik din r^itu muhabbat ki
fizaao rag bikharaao
meraa mahabub aayaa hai - (2)
Vikram Singh is the Maharaja of Pratap Nagar and is very impressed with his Senapati Sangram Singh for years of loyal service. He decides to make him a Maharaja and agrees to marry his daughter, Anuradha, with his son, Pratap. Years later, Vikram sends his now grown-up Anuradha to visit the coronation of Rajkumar Pratap Singh and approve of him as her husband, and she sets off without any escort with just her maid-servant, Kalavati, for company. Shortly thereafter, Vikram is informed that Kalavati has been abducted by a bandit named Suraj Singh, he accordingly rushes over to Sangram's and this is where he discovers to his shock that Kalavati is posing as Anuradha, and it is his daughter that has been abducted by Suraj. Watch what happens when Suraj is arrested and lodged in a dungeon, and preparations are set forth for the coronation of Pratap and his subsequently marriage with Anuradha. Written by rAjOo

User Reviews
Colourful! (Excuse my brazenness)
by Gary170459 –
Yes, this has a tremendous colour on a par with ye olde Hollywood Technicolor. Also with splendid production values, atmospheric photography and plot, albeit rather familiar.
Hundreds of years ago a king makes an enemy of his servant, who in revenge swaps his own infant boy for that of the king and teaches him to be a bandit, while his son is brought up as the dashing prince. The dashing prince is foredained to marry the beautiful princess Vyjayanthimala, who also apparently enjoys swapping places with her servant which leads to dark consequences. Guess whom she fancies? Correct, she can instinctively tell the innate aristocratic breeding of the bandit's son and the hopeless boorishness of the king's. It's a bit more complicated than that of course but enjoyable fun all the same. In 2013 UK BBC Asian Network listeners voted the main song Baharon Phool Barsao sung by Rafi as their favourite Bollywood song of all time, I wouldn't dispute that - it's a gorgeously romantic few minutes in the moonlight with flower petals raining down. And I always liked the equally vibrant Dekho Mera Dil Machal Gaya and Titli Udi both sung by Sharda here.
Johnny Walker was a little more subdued than usual, except in colour. Vyjayanthimala was exquisite to look at as usual, except I excuse her brazen dancing. Rajendra Kumar was as dignified as usual, except he was no Errol Flynn. If you decide to watch it prepare to be dazzled!
Vyjayanthimala :Princess Anuradha Singh
Rajendra Kumar : Suraj Singh
Ajit : Rajkumar Pratap Singh
Duration: 05 Minute, 17 Second
Rating: 4.14 - Very Good
Definition: SD
Published: 2 Years Ago
Author: 9431885 MK

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