11 Bizarre Discoveries In Antarctica Video

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Here are a few of the weird things that have been discovered in Antarctica like giant penguin fossils or strange ancient pyramids

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7. Mt. Erebus
Mt. Erebus is the most active volcano in Antarctica and the 2nd highest peak. Fire meets ice when this thing goes off. The summit reaches 12,448 feet and is located on Ross Island. This volcano has been active since 1.3 million years ago and still goes off. It was discovered in 1841 by Sir James Clark Ross and named it after the boat that helped him get there. Robot exploration is the best way to explore this mountain however many have attempted to reach the crater. In 1991 a man named Charles Blackmer reached the top without the help of anyone. He only needed a snowmobile to get there and marched to the top in only 17 hours!

6. Fish Life Beneath
Many had believed that fish could not exist this deep below glacial ice but they were able to find a few things floating around. Below nearly 2,500 feet of ice, scientists dared to explore the wildlife that exists beneath. A team of drillers got to work and lowered a custom built robot just for this job. This took place on the Ross Ice shelf which is actually just a huge slab of ice about the size of Texas. This photo here was at a high resolution and shows you what life looks deep below the ice. Also this bizarre shrimp was uncovered, making you curious what else is out there.

5. UFO Crash
Antarctica is a massive continent that remains for the most part unexplored. If a UFO had crashed on the land, how would we know? Google Maps! UFO enthusiasts are convinced that this is exactly what happened and they are claiming that it's a true crash site. There is indeed snow that was disturbed and it appears to be a hole in the shape a flying saucer. Alien Hunter from Russia, Valentin Degretev says, “In amongst endless ice desert, it is the most genuine UFO in the most classic shape. So if not a UFO, what could it be? Skeptics believe it's just a crack in the ice. Until someone goes to the location for themselves, we won’t know for sure.

4. Wreckage of New Zealand Air
Tourists who were hoping to see the most southern continent, crashed into Antarctica's second highest mountain, Mt Erebus, previously mentioned. All 257 passengers and crew were killed, due to a navigational error and pilots lost visibility due to a white out. The wreckage needed to be discovered immediately to help families deal with their loss. The United States Navy began to recover debris from the wrecked plane nearly 18 hours after the ordeal. A crew of up to 60 people went to the site and took investigators weeks camped out to complete what they called “operation overdue. Only the remains of 44 victims were identified and the rest of the victims were not..

3. Soviet’s Wreckage
Many countries had flocked to Antarctica for research and scientific studies. Among one of the countries was the Soviet Union in 1958. They also left behind some of the eeriest bases and structures from their attempted strong hold. They had to live in conditions even colder than in Russia which reached temperatures of negative 72 degrees in the winter. Here we see a statue of Lenin coming out a coffin shaped box to remind them of home and claim their territory. The station was abandoned only a year later. They later tried to reoccupy the base but they failed again in 1979. Here we see vehicles that littered the snow and oil stations used to fuel them.

2.Dinosaur Fossils
A recent expedition in 2016 took place off of Ross Island, far south of Chile and lasted about a month. A group of archeologists from Australia, United States and South Africa got exactly what they were looking for when they discovered fossils that were over 60 million years old. They went to one of the few place in Antarctica where the rocks are exposed in summer and covered by snow in winter. More than a ton of fossils were uncovered and are currently being preserved in Chile. The remains belonged to marine reptiles, like plesiosaurs and mosasaurs that were in the film Jurassic World recently. These discoveries help scientists understand better what Antarctica was like in the prehistoric world.

1. Antarctica Pyramid
Amateur explorers tend to use google maps since it’s cheaper and you don’t need to travel through snow or other undesirable elements. The antarctica pyramid was discovered this way and has a shocking resemblance to the pyramid in Giza if you look at it online. There have been pyramids discovered on every continent, so why not Antarctica? It is definitely a pyramid shape and is a tremendous discovery nonetheless. Nasa claims that Antarctica was much greener and suitable for life decades ago. Could human life have existed on vast mysterious continent? Is it possible we may be looking at the reminence of an ancient works of a civilization?
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