Beware Of Those That Are Twice Dead Video

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Rather than a video of disclosure of truths hidden, I wanted to show some truths about the nature of this world and the beast within all men that are not hidden but are part of our flesh fabric. These evil truths that are hidden within us can and will rear their ugly head based on our misunderstanding of all things. The truths I speak and that you speak will stir emotions that yield from a falling of false beliefs within each of us. This process is painful and the result is always based in a feeling of righteousness because, the last thing we will do is admit what we do is evil until after we have faced the punishment of our evils. So, with that being said, I have received several death threats from many sources including husbands who's wives have found they no longer love them and send me communications speaking of their misunderstanding of the spirit that is jarred within them. I will never call someone crazy but, I will seek to fully understand the origins of such feelings so I can fully explain to ones that experience this. In doing so, it is impossible to not step on the others person perception that all people have an evil agenda and seek only for themselves. I share all of this information with my better half who also fully understands what we are are witnessing. I speak about this since I am NOT the only one that will experience this since it is you also speaking these sames truths and in the Father's spirit you can take comfort in knowing that what I speak of as to what happens to me, will be confirmed as truth when these things happen to you. Christ said this would happen so consider prophecy being fulfilled. I am not posting this my own sake but in all things that can be a lesson for all.

Christ said "They will put you out of the synagogues. Indeed, the hour is coming when whoever kills you will think he is offering service to God". John 16:2

The Gathering is full and security measures have been taken. There are no donations requested, no time share opportunity available, no laced food, no hidden cameras, no lock downs, no locked doors. This is freedom from the likes of those that would seek to demonstrate the wrath of their goat god (little g) lucifer.
Duration: 13 Minute, 34 Second
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Published: 1 Years Ago

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