Eve Online: New Players Beware Of Bad Corps/alliances Video

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The following is an excerpt from my EVE Online livestream where I wanted to address new players and bring to light a recent news story. The story deals with a CEO of a null sec alliance in EVE Online that has been taking advantage of new players.

My sincere hope is that the CEO of this alliance is just misguided and will reform their alliance for the better after this incident, taking better care of new players joining EVE Online.

TL/DR: new players, you don't have to put up with abusive and/or incompetent corp and alliance CEOs, there are plenty of new player-friendly corporations that will treat you better.

Sources and players that have uncovered and investigated this story:
➜ Greygal https://twitter.com/Greygal__Eve
➜ Reddit post by u/g4lks https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/6s2gtf/is_this_normal_for_corps_to_do_this_to_new_players/?st=j62zo5yp&sh=a7cf53dd
➜ Imperium News investigation by Rhivre https://imperium.news/yokai-alliance-new-players-beware/
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EVE Online is a player-driven sandbox MMO run in a single-shard universe populated with 7800 star systems. Players are free to set their own goals within the game, engaging in a multitude of activities including combat, exploration, trade, mining, manufacturing and other emergent gameplay. The world of EVE Online is constantly changing, with each player having the power to affect the game's universe.

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