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#IAMAMIGRANTTOO is an International Organization for Migration (IOM) commissioned production featuring various South African artists. The song was produced as part of the IOM #IAMAMIGRANTTOO campaign launched in 2012. The campaign is aimed at promoting social cohesion in South Africa. The song contains a combination of lyrics with high-impact messages on African unity, peace and social cohesion mixed with refreshing and slightly upbeat rhythms and instruments. With this song, IOM hopes to contribute to South Africa's counter xenophobia efforts and help promote social cohesion in the country.

The concept #IAMAMIGRANTTOO was motivated by the fact that migration is an essential part of our everyday life, in fact, we are all either migrants or we are related to migrants. We have all come to where we are because we have moved or migrated from somewhere. Whether you moved from another province to Gauteng or the Western Cape to look for work, or from another country to South Africa fleeing conflict or in search for a better life, or you fled to exile during Apartheid to fight for freedom, or have moved overseas to study, you are, and #IAMAMIGRANTTOO.

Ubuntu Has No Borders, the values of love and kindness are part of African culture. It is in our nature to welcome our visitors, and we have depended on these values in the past when we needed our neighbours. The dignity of all human beings must be respected, irrespective of where they are from.

Many previous campaigns have focused on convincing host communities to accept and welcome migrants, while it is true that there is richness in the diversity that migrants bring, it is also true that there are a lot of similarities that bind us all together as one nation, one world and Humanity is the bottom-line. This world is our collective home. Through this song, IOM hopes as residents of this beautiful country, citizens and non-citizens, as humanity, as brothers and sisters, we can sing and dance, forgetting that which makes us different but celebrate our diversity, our humanity and migration. Music entertains, music educates, music soothes souls, and music unites. Music, like sports can inspire change and shape society. It is one of the perfect ingredients for social change in our communities. Cheers to a United South Africa!

Featured artists: Bozoe Nkomo, Jacqui Carpede, Kabomo Vilakazi, Khabonina Qubeka, Mabongi Mabaso, Masechaba Lekalake, Monde Msutwana, Moonga Mkandawire, Simphiwe Gwegwe, Shatti Mogapi, Thebe Lection Lekhonkhobe, Tribute Mboweni, Tumelo ABCRAZY Dibakwane and Xolisa Lady X Mvula
Duration: 06 Minute, 23 Second
Rating: 4.58 - Excellent
Definition: HD
Published: 5 Years Ago
Author: IOMPretoria

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