Suspect In October Bombing Gives Details Of Attack Video

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1. Mid shot of Imron walking in to press conference
2. SOUNDBITE: (Bahasa Indonesia) Ali Imron, Bali bomb suspect
"I swear in the name of God and Islam that the bombing in Bali is purely the work of our group. There is nobody backing us up and supporting us, unlike what we often hear in recent news reports. Our capabilities as Indonesians are something to be proud of, but they were used for a wrong purpose."
3. Cutaway of press
4. SOUNDBITE: (Bahasa Indonesia) Ali Imron, Bali bomb suspect
"My personal relationship with Abu Bakar Bashir is only a relationship among Muslims through Muslim teaching schools. But tracing back to my days in Afghanistan and then coming back to Indonesia, I admit that he is my leader. But in this case, I never carry out his order directly because I live far from Solo (Central Java) where Bashir lives."
5. Cutaway of press
6. SOUNDBITE: (Bahasa Indonesia) Ali Imron, Bali bomb suspect
"Ali Ghufron (another Bali bomb suspect) is a subordinate of Abu Bakar Bashir, and so is Imam Samudra (the alleged leader of Bali bombing)."
7. Cutaway of generals
8. Wide shot of press
9. SOUNDBITE: (Bahasa Indonesia) Ali Imron, Bali bomb suspect
"I admit and I cannot lie to my heart, that I regret what happened in Bali. I could have lied and said that I did not feel sorry, but I cannot lie about what I feel in my heart. Therefore I want to apologise to the families of victims both from Indonesia and outside Indonesia."
10. Close up of Imron tying chords
11. Mid shot of Imron tying chords
12. Close up of Imron showing jacket with explosives
13. Close up of explosives in jacket
14. Pan from computer screen to Imron putting jacket on
15. Mid shot of Imron holding microphone as he demonstrates with the aid of two helpers the placing of the mock bomb


A chief suspect in the Bali bombings demonstrated on Tuesday how his group assembled the devices that killed nearly 200 people last October.

Ali Imron confessed to reporters at a press conference that he had taken part in the bombings and said he was proud of his bomb-making skills, but then apologised to the victims' families.

Imron said he learned how to make bombs in Afghanistan and has admitted that he helped plan the October the 12 attack.

Police have arrested 29 suspects since the blast and have blamed the attack on the al-Qaida linked terror group Jemaah Islamiyah.

However, they have struggled to convince a skeptical public that a group of Indonesians planned and carried out the bombings, despite confessions from many of the suspects.

This has led detectives to stage a series of re-enactments since December which are aimed at showing how the attack was executed.

On Tuesday, the re-enactment focused on how the group put together the bomb that was carried into Paddy's nightclub and a much larger device placed inside a Mitsubishi minivan outside the packed Sari Club on the opposite side of the street.

Imron showed the press conference how the group built the bomb placed in the minivan, saying it took eight days to assemble.

Investigators have estimated that the larger bomb weighed up to 100 kilogrammes. But on Tuesday, Imron claimed that it weighed over a ton and consisted of a mix of potassium chlorate, sulfur and aluminum powder.

Later on in the press conference, Imron strapped on a vest that featured eight mock pipe bombs with explosive chords connected to a detonator switch.

It was the device that one of the terrorists was wearing when he allegedly blew himself up inside Paddy's.

Indonesian authorities say that the Jemaah Islamiyah group turned its attentions to Bali, after its plans to bomb Western interests in Singapore were thwarted.

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