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9/11 revisited - This video explains why it was impossible in 2001 for the nine FBI reported cell phone calls to have been made from the jetliners in flight. Prior to 2004 cell phone calls from fast high flying aircraft were impossible because of the technology then in use. If the cell phone calls could not have been made from the planes in flight - the Official story is false. What happened to the passengers?

But in 2004 Qualcomm Incorporated announced in a July 15, 2004 press release:
"American Airlines and Qualcomm Complete Test Flight to Evaluate In-Cabin Mobile Phone Use" [ https://www.qualcomm.com/news/releases/2004/07/15/american-airlines-and-qualcomm-complete-test-flight-evaluate-cabin-mobile ]:
"Qualcomm Incorporated...and American Airlines today successfully demonstrated in-cabin voice communication using commercially available CDMA mobile phones on a commercial American Airlines aircraft...
The proof-of-concept demonstration flight originated out of the Dallas/Fort Worth International airport. During the approximate two-hour flight, passengers were able to place and receive phone calls and text messages on their mobile phones....'We are pleased to have worked so closely with American Airlines to complete this proof-of-concept demonstration for the in-flight use of 3G CDNA technology,' said Dr. Irwin Jacobs, chairman and CEO of Qualcomm..."

On 9/11, people receiving cell calls allegedly from the hijacked aircraft reported the unusual clarity of the calls - as if they were calling from the next room. However, cell phone calls in the Qualcomm demonstration, "...was about the same as a regular cell call on the ground, other than the loud background noise on the MD-80 jet."
[ http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/tech/wireless/2004-07-16-jet-phones_x.htm ]

This lack of background noise could make one wonder if those cell calls were really being placed from the inside of a hijacked jetliner in flight.

"The Race To Allow Airborne Cell Phone Use" (Oct 1, 2004) - [ http://www.aviationtoday.com/2004/10/01/the-race-to-allow-airborne-cell-phone-use/ ]
"Several companies are racing toward a solution that combines satellite communications and onboard networks....from mid-2006, passengers should be able to begin using their own mobile phones for calls and text messaging. This service will be provided via the well-established Inmarsat constellation of geostationary satellites."

http://physics911.net/project-achilles-911-cell-phone-experiment-asahi-tv-japan-broadcast/ [ http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/national/dotmil/arkin020199.htm ].

Remote controlled aircraft? - http://www.journalof911studies.com/volume/2008/AutopilotSystemsMonaghan.pdf

There is evidence that Flight 77 and Flight 11 were not even scheduled to fly on 9/11.....not that they were scheduled and subsequently canceled - but that a Flight 77 and a Flight 11 were never scheduled in the first place - passengers aren't booked on flights which do not exist.

Prior to sometime in 2004 the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) website for September 11, 2001 showed no record of a Flight 77 or a Flight 11[ Evidence that Flights AA 11 and AA 77 Did Not Exist on September 11, 2001 - http://www.serendipity.li/wot/aa_flts/aa_flts.htm ]. Then, in 2004, Flight 11 and Flight 77 were "added" to the BTS data for 9/11/2001 but they show no departure time nor an aircraft tail number - this link includes a screen capture of the "new" Flight 11 data: http://letsrollforums.com//happened-passengers-4-flights-t20496.html?s=8086c7378cb4c997adf4957221feb738&

Pre-2004 BTS listings for September 11, 2001:
Flight 93 - UA: Newark, NJ — Newark International http://www.serendipity.li/wot/aa_flts/bts/ua93departure.htm

Flight 175 - UA: Boston, MA — Logan International http://www.serendipity.li/wot/aa_flts/bts/ua175departure.htm

Flight 11 - AA: Boston, MA — Logan International http://www.serendipity.li/wot/aa_flts/bts/aa11nondeparture.htm
- No Flight 11 listed -

Flight 77 - AA: Washington, DC — Washington Dulles International http://www.serendipity.li/wot/aa_flts/bts/aa77nondeparture.htm
- No Flight 77 listed -

September 11 - The New Pearl Harbor (Full version) - Part 1 of 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I5ppQDmId9M

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September 11 - The New Pearl Harbor (Full version) - Part 3 of 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=haVF4oUOFJE
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