Aviators - Fading Light (dark Souls Song | Symphonic Rock) Video

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My adventure through the Dark Souls series certainly was a memorable one. Aside from the infamous difficulty, I found myself captivated by the lore (shout out to VaatiVidya) and blown away by the game design that chooses to let you experience the setting and the world you're in, rather than telling it. As with most lore-heavy games that I get sucked into, this one inspired a song. "Fading Light" is a requiem for the first flame, a song of victory but acceptance of the inevitable darkness. Sure, it may be more of a "Dark Souls III" song than for the series in general, but that's mostly due to the recent release of The Ringed City. Fear not the dark, my friend, and let the feast begin...

This is the second single from my next album Dystopian Fiction, and you can download it here!

Instrumentals and Vocals:


Life's breath in the candlelight
Lost hearts in the dead of night
It's a long way down
To the place they found
Dark sun, hollowed by the fade
Our debt they left to be paid
Seen the blackness stare
Promising to spare
The chosen

Born of graves and left below
Painted ashes, painted snow
When the dark awakens
Fires of our last hope are getting low
Souls of gods and souls of men
Meet in cinders to ascend
Fate has chosen
And our fading light is at its end

I've a tale that time has lost
Sins of judgment born in frost
Then he took a name
For the one profaned
Know the dark but let it rest
Left to lurkers in their quest
Let the watchers fight
And the blood ignite
The chosen

Souls to revive us
Or rot us away
Want for the weary
And death for the sane
Cursed yet we listen
For bells left to toll
To fight back the depths of
Humanity's soul
For the unkindled
We look to the sun
Cities in gold
All the victories won
Fear not the dark
Or the monsters, my friend
And brace for the feast
Of humanity's end

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Published: 1 Years Ago
Author: Aviators

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