Damsel Batgirl Video

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A crime-ridden night befalls Gotham, and Barbara transforms herself into BATGIRL, SCOURGE OF THE UNDERWORLD, and DEFENDER OF TRUTH & JUSTICE. The courageous crimefighter tracked down the RIDDLER to his hiding place, trying to stop his crime-spree once and for all.

Much to Batgirl's surprise, the prince of puzzles has joined forces with three of Gotham's dangerous arch criminals, namely the JOKER, PENGUIN, and CATWOMAN (Holy 1966 Movie, Batman!). Batgirl single-handedly took down their army of henchmen, while the four arch criminals made their escape to regroup their forces.

As soon as she finished disposing the henchmen, Batgirl gave chase to the escaped criminals, unaware that they have one last trick up their sleeves. In one fell swoop, the arch criminals successfully outnumbered and rendered the DOMINOED DAREDOLL helpless, placing her in an inescapable and deadly buzzsaw death trap.

Is the DARK KNIGHT DAMSEL to be a DAMSEL IN DISTRESS? Has Batgirl finally met her match? Or will she live another day to round up the four arch criminals who are still loose in Gotham?

Hope you enjoy the clip, and also the constant narration by the original narrator in this mix-&-match video. And look out for a few appearances by Charlie~
Duration: 06 Minute, 28 Second
Rating: 4.41 - Very Good
Definition: SD
Published: 7 Years Ago

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