Evabridged 3.0 Rei Is (not) Pleased Video

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Another episode of everyone's least favourite Evangelion Abridged Parody Comes along....

Update: English, Spanish and German Subtitles added. Thank You to "Hector The Elder" and Ashoka for translations.

Created, Written and Edited by Gigguk

DevilKickSanji2 - Shinji, Gendo
Sydsnap - Misato
DriatanVA - Ritsuko
Gigguk - Fuyutsuki, SEELE 01, Extras
PandoraHerself - Maya
Sakiseshy - Rei
HoldenReviews - Shigeru
GRArkarda - Makoto
MyToasterisRetarded - Toji
MinaMinaVA, HawkAbridged, xDisturbedJeans, Yomi, LightningCrabz - Extras

Music comes from various songs in the evangelion rebuild sound tracks

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Duration: 09 Minute, 35 Second
Rating: 4.93 - Excellent
Definition: HD
Published: 6 Years Ago
Author: Gigguk

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