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Here is my review of the new movie Greedy, Lying, Bastards.

Complaints solve nothing.
The movie fails to mention the need for a solar feed in tariff.

Instead of asking ourselves if we want more oil from increasingly dirty and environmentally damaging sources, we should be asking what kind of an economy we want.

From the standpoint of national security and the economy, it makes little sense to export crude oil and natural gas when the United States is still a net importer of both. (That's right: Despite the ballyhooed boom in shale gas, the country still imports a net 6 percent of its gas.)

Higher prices may bring more supply, but it will also hasten the nation's economic contraction, and merely keep it dependent on fuels that will eventually go into global production decline. Peak oil is here, costumed as oil prices that are too high for comfort, yet still not high enough. To repeat, I expect the global decline of oil production to commence by 2015.

The right policy choice is to switch to renewables and more efficient modes of transportation as quickly as possible.

We can eliminate a great deal of our oil demand permanently by moving car and truck traffic to rail, and relying more on bicycles and renewably powered electric vehicles.
Duration: 07 Minute, 31 Second
Rating: 3.82 - Good
Definition: SD
Published: 6 Years Ago
Author: paul8kangas

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