Jail Food/prison Food Video

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Kiddies, kiddies. Halt for a sec. This vid is me TRYING to act cool, TRYING to act like I've been in the pen. I'm not good at being badass as I've never been to prison but i AM ONE GOOD DAMN ACTOR IF i CAN PERSUADE 99% OF YOU CLOWNS THAT i HAVE BEEN INSIDE A PRISON.

As for the music being too loud, ya, it was BUT I never use a script/rehearse ever so shit just gets recorded without everything 'in check'
It's the only vid that had loud music so deal with it as I deal with a lot of your stupidity.

Also, some shit.words were used that I wish I could take back (racist in nature) but it's too fucking late and I apologized 100x so fucxk you if you think I'm racist.

The vid was shot on a whim like most of them and the tunes were coming from a cell phone that that was controlled by a hardcore punker - in trade he would shoot the vid so, take a good hard swallow on a fuckoff pill if it's that annoying.

Carry on!
Duration: 30 Minute, 18 Second
Rating: 0
Definition: SD
Published: 6 Years Ago

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