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Raisin Buns

560 grams plain flour
280 grams full milk
11 grams instant dry yeast
1 large egg
100 grams margarine
50 grams fine sugar
8 grams salt
8 grams vanilla Sugar
150 grams rasins

Baking temperature: 180°C
Baking time: 15 minutes
Baking time may vary depending on the type and accuracy of your oven.

The dough rising time may vary, because room temperature are different in every household.
There are ways to make the dough rise faster. You may want to check it on google.
For me I dont think is necessary, if your room temperature is 18°C and higher.
It may take longer to proof in a lower temperature, just check the dough now and then to get the volume you wanted.

Sometime the yeast smell can be over powering.
Adding just enough vanilla sugar can demolish the yest smell and not tasting like vanilla when baked.
Duration: 10 Minute, 15 Second
Rating: 4.79 - Excellent
Definition: HD
Published: 2 Years Ago
Author: Michael Lim

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