Skelegun & Zombie - Minecraft Animation Video

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Watch New SkeleGUN & ZOMBIE here-
A wacky idea came to me and I turned it into this animation !
Skeleton with a GUN is SkeleGUN. Makes perfect sense!
Also that reference came from the Grind House movie:
Planet Terror by Robert Rodriguez -
( Also watch the sibling movie Death Proof by Tarantino )

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AAAnd, if you want the take a closer look at the thumbnail:

Five Card Shuffle & Electrodoodle by Kevin MacLeod
( )

Rendered in OTOY's Octane render.

Softwares used: Autodesk Max, Adobe After Effects, Premiere and Audition.

Game: Minecraft from Mojang ofcourse!

& yes u noticed it - my vanity card!
I will write some new ones from now on.
Duration: 02 Minute, 42 Second
Rating: 4.78 - Excellent
Definition: HD
Published: 5 Years Ago

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