The Healing Project Chapter Seven Video

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Langston pov
After chasing the girls around we finally decided we all would cook breakfast being in a kitchen full of black people aint okay it gets hot and stuff
"No don't touch me you is sweating like a mother effer" Tiara yelled at Kenny
"So what man it's hot up in here all us in here trying to make something to eat"
everyone went quiet then Kenae started laughing
"Excuse me" she said
"Bro you just farted while we was making food man that's fowl you dead wrong for doing that she Nae" Bria yelled "You always do it why cant you be normal and walk out"
"Because it's funny" she said shrugging her shoulder
"That shit is terrible Kenae you need to check your draws"
"I aint shit on myself I said poot"
"No Kenae it was like Bloop" Keyana said laughing
"Why are you laughing that shit nasty" me and the boys yelled
"Because it's funny" they said
We finished cooking and Kenae ass didn't disturb us again I mean how can a girl just fart out of the blue I mean guys can do it but girls okay it was funny but damn she didn't even care
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Published: 7 Years Ago

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